Education & Events

The American Apitherapy is excited to share our Spring Apitherapy Speaker Series: March, April, and May 2022.  

Interact with some of the most knowledgable and educated speakers regarding Apitherapy.

Join other like-minded individuals in a lively, informative, and educational online discussion with Q&A to follow!

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Our Spring Apitherapy Speakers Series Topics:

  • Peptide: Molecular

  • Apitherapy and dentistry

  • Lyme disease

  • Apitherapy and the Importance of Clean Products of the Hive

  • Iatrogeniticity & Bee Venom

  • Histamine and Bee Venom

Event Options:

  1. (Closed) One speaking event $25
  2. (Closed) Two speaking events $45
  3. (Closed) Three speaking events $65
  4. (Closed) Four Speaking events $80
  5. (Closed) Five speaking events $90
  6. (Closed) Six Events $100

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Our Panel of Speakers & Topics