Position Statement

Apitherapy has a long history of use, rooted in traditional systems and herbal medicine practice, with modern research increasingly providing scientific validity. The position of the American Apitherapy Society is that all products of the hive have a legitimate and appropriate place within the biomedical healthcare system, in the form of integrated and complementary medicine.

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The AAS supports a world view, ecologic paradigm. This is a non-reductionist, holistic approach, which recognizes the interconnectedness of humans to the environment, and in particular the importance of the honey bee (Apis Spp.). As a concept of health, it seeks to addresses care of the whole person, through body, mind, and spirit; within a social/cultural, relationship, and environmental context, to promote optimal wellness, prevent and treat “dis-ease”

Currently, Apitherapy is a non-regulated practice, falling under the purview of herbal medicine, dietary and nutritional supplement regulations. Some forms of Apitherapy can be considered within the scope of practice laws for a variety of practitioners. Apitherapists may integrate techniques, products or therapies as a therapeutic partnership with people towards improving their overall health and well being. Doing so does not negate the validity of, or replace conventional medical therapies, but serves as a complement, to help individuals access their greatest healing potential.