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Join the American Apitherapy Society in support of beekeeping and apiary support for Ukraine and also support the American Apitherapy Society.

Half of the funds donated support Ukraine.


Funds raised to date

Funds are needed to purchase bee colonies, hives, equipment and supplies, clothing, and drugs so that the beekeepers whose apiaries were lost and destroyed have an opportunity to start over, and then independently scale and increase the colonies. In addition, beekeepers’ women and children have been temporarily relocated to safer regions and need our humanitarian support.

Funds donated also assist The American Apitherapy Society to continue our educational conferences, maintain our website, publish our newsletters, journals, and more.

Ukrainian Brotherhood of Beekeepers of Ukraine is currently implementing the “Help on Bee Wings” Program during the war. The American Apitherapy Society Inc will be donating funds to help support this 501(c3) nonprofit organization.

Left: Before the war.

Dr. Patrick Fratellone, MD, RH (AHG) FIM FACC.

Dr. Fratellone has the distinction of being one of the few integrative cardiologists in the United States. He is also the only integrative physician in New York City with active hospital admitting privileges at three city hospitals: St. Luke’s Hospital, Roosevelt Hospital and Beth Israel Hospital. Dr. Fratellone is a Fellow of Integrative Medicine with a degree from the University of Arizona, where he studied under the directorship of Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D. Dr Fratellone has recently completed his course studies at the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine under the supervision of 7song. Dr. Fratellone recently completed his coursework for fellowship as a Registered Herbalist (American Herbal Guild) making him one of the few medical doctors in the United States with this distinction. Dr. Fratellone was elected to the AAS Board of Directors after attending CMACC 2014.

Video and content courtesy: Dr. Kathleen Cannon’s Wellness Central

Courtesy: Dr. Sergey Dudarev

PAK1-blocking Therapy of Pandemic Coronaviral Infection:

Hiroshi Maruta1* and Hong He2

1 PAK Research Center, Melbourne, Australia

2 University of Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne, Australia

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