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Join the American Apitherapy Society for a beekeeping and apiary fundraiser for Ukraine and also support the American Apitherapy Society.

This fundraiser is to help Ukrainian beekeepers and apitherapist restore their beehives, apiaries and displaced Ukrainian Beekeepers. This fundraiser also supports the American Apitherapy Society.

Online viewing of the film, Bee Dance; Steps to a New Future in Beekeeping

‘BEE DANCE: Steps to a New Future in Beekeeping’ is a short documentary that addresses the global honeybee decline. Chapters are introduced via the honeybees’ unique dance language communicating the importance of education, research, medicine (apitherapy ), and sustainable practices as the vital components related to future success in beekeeping. The film compares relatively young beekeeping practices in the United States with those in Ukraine which evolved over thousands of years. It highlights the rich cultural and spiritual applications to the preservation of this species. BEE DANCE serves to provide solutions by way of suggested practices such as the new concept of the honey bee sanctuary. Prominent figures provide their viewpoints. This film is directed by Dr. Patricia Kotlar, an American Apitherapy Society Board member. Question & Answer to follow.

Ukrainian Brotherhood of Beekeepers of Ukraine is currently implementing the “Help on Bee Wings” Program during the war. The American Apitherapy Society Inc will be donating funds to help support this 501(c3) nonprofit organization.

Left: Before the war.

Funds are needed to purchase bee colonies, hives, equipment and supplies, clothing, and drugs so that the beekeepers whose apiaries were lost and destroyed have an opportunity to start over, and then independently scale and increase the colonies.

In addition, there are women and children of beekeepers who have been temporarily relocated to safer regions and need our humanitarian support.

August 14-19 is called the Honey Savior in Ukraine and a time that the beekeeper and the honeybee are celebrated.   The Honeybee is sacred in Eastern Europe and called “God’s insect” and we share the respect and honor of this unique insect.

Bee Dance-Steps to a New Future in Beekeeping is a short documentary film that was produced in collaboration between Ukraine and the United States on the global decline of bees.