This code applies only to the gubernatorial body of the AAS.
That is the Board, the Faculty, permanent, invited, and the volunteers as they serve the AAS.

1.  No one may profit monetarily from the organization.
2.  All persons involved with the AAS shall work to support the mission of the AAS, and they shall follow its strategies to implement this mission.
3.  Transparency (openness) must be provided to members as well as to the general public, about activities, finances,  of the AAS.
4.  Conflicts of interest must be recognized, announced and resolved.
5.  Privacy must be observed, such as not revealing, outside the
organization, information concerning donors, clients, patients, and members without their permission.
6.  Funds raised shall only be used for the purposes specified.
7.  All persons involved with the AAS shall treat others with professional respect (in action and in word).