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The American Apitherapy Society, Inc., a 501(c)(3) membership organization, was formed in New Jersey in 1989 as a reorganization of the North American Apiotherapy Society. Founded in 1978, the NAAS had contributed much to bee venom therapy research and education. However, in the years leading up to 1989 it became inactive as a result of inadequate funding, poor communication, and other limitations. As a result, a new organization was formed: the AAS. Officers and directors and advisors were Christopher M. Kim, M.D., president; James Belliveau, Ph.D., vice president; Harold Lenz, D.Sc., treasurer and acting secretary; Charles Mraz and Bradford Weeks, M.D., directors at large; and Ann W. Harman, advisor. The AAS’ mission was to promote and teach “the use of honeybee products to maintain and improve health, and to alleviate pain, suffering, and disability. Our Mission: Educate the public and health care community, about both the traditional and scientifically valid uses of Apitherapy.

6,000 Years

The roots of apitherapy can be traced back to more than 6000 years of medicine in ancient Egypt.

200 Compounds

Natural honey is a product of about 200 compounds


U.S. beekeepers lost nearly 40% of their honeybee colonies last winter


More than 65,000 people use bee venom therapy in the U.S.

Welcome to The American Apitherapy Society, Inc.

The American Apitherapy Society offers and shares information to educate those of you who seek an alternative form of health care referred to as Apitherapy. Apitherapy encompasses the use of bee hive products including honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly and bee venom. Apitherapy is used to treat many illnesses and to alleviate pain from injuries both chronic and acute. We are an organization reaching beyond traditional Western medicine helping others to help themselves in attaining better health through a holistic approach in harmony with the bee hive, a true gift of nature.

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We are a membership organization where membership is open to everyone from anywhere in the world, inviting new ideas and the sharing of knowledge and experience amongst those seeking or practicing this form of alternative medicine. Our website offers a wealth of information on the hive products and offers a large network of like minded individuals sharing their knowledge on a global level. Member benefits include receiving our quarterly journal, posting on the forum, access to past issues of the journal and our past course and conference material, and access to our network list consisting of members all over the world willing to share their knowledge on apitherapy and their experiences with it.

We are not a referral service. We do provide our members with access to our network list, the individuals on this list are AAS members who agree to be contacted by other members through email or by phone to share information and assist others in becoming involved with apitherapy. Many of these members do practice apitherapy ranging from those who perform bee venom therapy to those who simply use other hive products in their healing protocols. Our large network offers a wide range of solutions and contacts in the realm of apitherapy. We are all helping each other to help ourselves as your commitment to health begins with you.

Annually the AAS presents the Charles Mraz Course and Conference held in different US cities where we spend 3 days teaching others about apitherapy through both a classroom venue and a practical hands on approach. Members leave our conference with knowledge passed on to them by our most experienced apitherapists and the confidence to help themselves and others participate in Apitherapy. It is a great venue not only to learn all there is to know about apitherapy but to network and become part of a community that takes an active interest in your health and the well being of others.

The AAS is a non profit organization founded in 1989. We are known throughout the United States and the world for our course and conference, our journal, our network, our website, and for the support that we give to the public and to our members. We depend on our members for their support and on the donations from those who believe we are making a difference, their commitment to us is vital to our success.

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Your membership and/or donation is so appreciated & valued. In addition to the benefits you will receive by becoming an AAS member, think about how & what YOU will be contributing.  Every penny we receive serves to educate & promote global awareness about the health benefits of all the beehive products. Honeybees are vital to the planet not only as important pollinators for our food supply, but also provide excellent nutrition & optimal health by addressing a variety of health issues. It is our duty as human beings to continue sharing the knowledge of the beehive as a medicine chest for ourselves & future generations on earth.

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As a not for profit organization, ALL of our board members who also serve as our conference teaching staff, are strictly volunteers & receive absolutely no financial renumeration, utilizing their own resources for travel & time away from work.
Your donation also provides the AAS with the ability to host yearly CMACC Charles Mraz Apitherapy Course & Conference which has been a huge learning and sharing experience for many throughout the years and the ability to invite national and international guest experts in the field of Apitherapy.


Start educating & transforming your own personal health spreading it to your friends, neighbors & community.

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