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February, March, April, 2022 Speakers Series

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Thursday, February 10, 2022 - Doc Talks | Peptide Therapy Introduction and overview

Within the integrated medical professional paradigms there is an emphasis on Individualized Care and Personalized Medicine. This approach is extremely valuable from a diagnostic perspective, as well as for addressing the root causes of disease, however is also highly variable in respect to implementation as evidenced by discrepancies between providers and the sheer volume of supplements and herbals available.
This lecture will make a case for the implementation of “Flexible Standardized Protocols” to address issues, using examples of common disorders such as SIBO. Many examples of this exist in our community already but tend to be
focused on things such as Mold or Lyme. Many of our more well known faculty teach protocols at various conferences yet widespread implementation is still minimal. The Biomedical and Functional medicine community has gained larger
traction by utilizing this concept, thought the majority of treatments are derived from the Naturopathic model.
In an environment that demands increasing evidence standardized protocols for our community provide a way to improve outcomes, measure data/evidence and increase patient compliance.

March 2022 in Barcelona - International Conference on Apitherapy and Honey Bee Products

International Conference on Apitherapy and Honey Bee Products

PAK1-blocking Therapy of Pandemic Coronaviral Infection:

Hiroshi Maruta1* and Hong He2

1 PAK Research Center, Melbourne, Australia

2 University of Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne, Australia

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A few past courses: Propolis and Cancer Allergic reactions Oxymel Preparation-Kingsbury

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