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PAK1-blocking Therapy of Pandemic Coronaviral Infection:

Hiroshi Maruta1* and Hong He2

1 PAK Research Center, Melbourne, Australia

2 University of Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne, Australia


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From American Apitherapy Society:  Dr. Chris Kleronomos

A few past courses: Propolis and Cancer Allergic reactions Oxymel Preparation-Kingsbury

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POSTPONED DUE TO COVID, TBD – September 25th-27th 2020 American Apitherapy Society will be hosting its 25th annual CMACC (Charles Mraz Apitherapy Course & Conference)

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CANCELED | March 21-22 2020 -The Wyoming Bee College

Open to everyone interested in bees, beekeeping or gardening for bees. We are pleased to offer two great keynote speakers to keep you inspired with bees and beekeeping! The Bee College offers five (5) tracks on day one including beginner basic beekeeping and four (4) tracks on the second day, in addition to 2 keynote speakers. Speaker line-up, Phil Craft (of Ask Phil), Dr. Jamie Ellis, Scott Debnam, Reyah Carlson and many more.


CANCELED | April 3-6, 2020 - German Apitherapy Congress, Expo, & Workshops

German Apitherapy Congress, Expo, & Workshops with International Participation; Fulda, Germany

July 13-17, 2020 - Viruses of Microbes - Guimarães, Portugal

Viruses of Microbes; Guimarães, Portugal

September 23-26, 2020 - Wild on Wounds

Wild on Wounds® (WOW®) is a national wound conference designed for healthcare professionals interested in skin and wound management. Clinicians come from all over the country to network and gain practical learn-it-today, use-it-tomorrow information. WOW continues to grow each year and offers hands-on workshops, one-on-one time with industry experts and demonstrations of new products. Join the novice to experienced clinicians in this amazing event.

SEPTEMBER 23-26, 2020

Click link below for more information:

Wild on Wounds; Las Vegas, NV

September 24-26 2020 - Propolis Conference, Istanbul, Turkey

The conference hopes to provide a bridge between East and West, addressing key issues relevant to the study of propolis between the research and scientific communities, national and international regulatory bodies, policymakers, and consumer organizations.

The scientific program of this conference will bring propolis researchers and the Bee and Human Health community together to exchange information and discuss strategies for improving the use and health benefits of propolis through modern and sustainable production and processing technologies. This milestone event will be highlighted by plenary talks delivered by national and international experts from both fields. The conference program will also include oral and poster presentations from researches in these fields.

You will find plenty of information by following this link!

Sept 25-27, 2020 - American Apitherapy 25th Annual CMACC (Charles Mraz Course & Conference)

More details and registration to come.

November 18-21, 2020 - 2nd Phase German Phage Conference

 2nd German Phage Conference; Leipzig, Germany

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