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December 3-5, 2019 -The International Symposium on Apitherapy-Giza, Egypt

The International Symposium on Apitherapy – AAS President, Chris Kleronomos will be a guest speaker. Additional details to follow.

The Conference discussions will be on the theme Latest Innovations in Apitherapy.
Apitherapy 2019 lays a unique platform for all the experts globally for new scientific collaborations and networking with the aim of accelerating new developments. With different scientific sessions, you are provided assurance to explore the advancements in this dynamic field.

January 8-11 2020 American Beepkeeping Federation Conference

Experience the future of beekeeping! We’re partnering with industry experts, researchers, exhibitors and your beekeeping peers to bring you all the latest in best practices and bee health. As one of the largest, most action-packed beekeeping events in the world, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to network with 900+ beekeepers—all in one location.

ABF 2020 Conference

March 21-22 2020 -The Wyoming Bee College

Open to everyone interested in bees, beekeeping or gardening for bees. We are pleased to offer two great keynote speakers to keep you inspired with bees and beekeeping! The Bee College offers five (5) tracks on day one including beginner basic beekeeping and four (4) tracks on the second day, in addition to 2 keynote speakers. Speaker line-up, Phil Craft (of Ask Phil), Dr. Jamie Ellis, Scott Debnam, Reyah Carlson and many more.


February 5-6, 2020 - Phage Futures Congress - Washington, DC

Phage Futures Congress; Washington, DC

February 20-22, 2020 - Integrative Healthcare Symposium - New York

Integrative Healthcare Symposium; New York Hilton Midtown, NY

April 3-6, 2020 - German Apitherapy Congress, Expo, & Workshops

German Apitherapy Congress, Expo, & Workshops with International Participation; Fulda, Germany

July 13-17, 2020 - Viruses of Microbes - Guimarães, Portugal

Viruses of Microbes; Guimarães, Portugal

September 23-26, 2020 - Wild on Wounds

Wild on Wounds; Las Vegas, NV

November 18-21, 2020 - 2nd Phase German Phage Conference

 2nd German Phage Conference; Leipzig, Germany

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